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About us

About us

Located in the Cité-Limoilou borough, ExpoCité is a City of Québec entity that commercially manages a group of facilities and activities on a 371,000 m2 site. By attracting and supporting crowd-pleasing events, ExpoCité actively contributes to Québec City's economic, social, and tourism development while raising the city's profile.

An ideal event venue, the ExpoCité site boasts numerous multipurpose buildings and ample space for major gatherings. Concerts, consumer shows, trade fairs, sports events, and business meetings attract some 3 million visitors a year from Québec and elsewhere.

ExpoCité is co-owner of the Billetech ticket network, which has access to a combined network of over 100 points of sale across Québec and Ontario in association with the Montréal-based Admission network.

Main buildings on the ExpoCité site:

Board of directors

Vincent Dufresne
Québec City Councillor
Charlesbourg borough President


  • Jérémie Ernould
    Québec City Councillor
  • Jonatan Julien
    Québec City Councillor
    Québec City Executive Committee Vice Chair
  • Sylvain Juneau
    Mayor of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures
  • Julie Lemieux
    Québec City Councillor
    Québec City Executive Committee Vice Chair
  • Émile Loranger
    Mayor of L’Ancienne-Lorette
  • Jean Mignault
    Quebec City Finance Director and Assistant Treasurer
  • Laurent Proulx
    Québec City Councillor
  • Dominique Tanguay
    Québec City Councillor
  • Suzanne Verreault
    Québec City Councillor
    La Cité-Limoilou borough President
  • Patrick Voyer
    Québec City Councillor
    Québec City Executive Committee Member

Management team

  • Raynald Bernard, director
  • Simon Lachance, Operations Director
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